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حسان صفي الدين

Hassãn Safieddine

Web Developer & Consultant

  • #Full-Stack #API #CMS
  • Born in 1986
  • Français, English, العربية



About Me


Howdy! My name is Hassãn, I am an IT specialist and web developer.
Although I am particularly web oriented, my knowledge of various programming languages and development areas enables me to work on most IT aspects of a project, from web design to software development. I fluently speak French, English and Arabic.
Born in Lebanon, I moved to France in 2004, where I studied Information Science and Technologies at the Université de Lille1. In 2010 I moved to Brussels, Belgium, where I focused my work in Web Development, Internet-of-Things and Virtualization.
Today, I work with various businesses, offering my expertise in web development and integration as a consultant or developer.

Full-Stack Development

PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, XML, Java, Python...

Systems & Frameworks

WordPress, Zend, Database, API, CMS, Synology, Raspberry Pi

Services & Communities

Hosting, Cloud, Data Migration, Social Networks Integration...

25+ Projects
10+ Projects
15+ Projects

Work Experience


IT Consultant & Developer

Self-Employed, MENA & Europe

I work closely with clients from various sectors and I collaborate with branding and design agencies. While My work is mostly done remotely, the deadline is always met and the quality is guaranteed. In keeping with my commitment to the development Best Practices, I accompany my clients with their project from the design phase to the test and production phase.

  • March Organization, Lebanon
  • NationalArt Agency, Lebanon
  • Mastergroup Holding, Lebanon
  • ABCD Construction Group, Qatar
  • FourGreen Auto Parts, USA
  • Eden Synth, Belgium
  • Ghaddar Industrial & Equipment, Lebanon
  • BreakTrue Collective, Belgium
  • Observatory of Public Policies & Health, Spain/Lebanon
  • Ilumenation.studios, MENA Region
  • Oxford University, UK

Software Developer (Consultant)

FourGreen Auto Parts - USA, UAE, Korea

Since 1980, FourGreen Auto Parts has been supplying customers with top quality Korean car parts such as Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo and SssangYang. FourGreen offers more than 500,000 different parts and accessories at competitively reduced prices. FourGreen has two warehouses located in Seoul, Korea and Detroit, Michigan.

  • Jet API Integration
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Data Migration (1.3M records)
  • Magento E-Commerce Implementation

Co-founder & Software Engineer

Planthive - Brussels, Belgium
MARCH 2015 - MARCH 2018

PlantHive wants to give people a new experience : discovering how life can grow from a seed to a full-fledged crop, ready to be harvested and enjoyed.

  • Web Application Design & Development
  • IoT Software Design & Deployment
  • Cloud System Installation
  • Branding Website, Blog and Store Implementation
Med Concept

IT Specialist

Med Concept - Brussels, Belgium
DECEMBER 2009 - MARCH 2017

Med Concept offers, particularly in Central Asia and Africa, the latest innovations through its medical equipment project service. Med Concept has more than 150 specialized employees distributed among its various branches.

  • Internal Web Application Design & Development
  • Website Development
  • Intranet & Network Management
Sopra Group

Medior Software Developer

Sopra Group - Lille, France
MARCH 2008 - MARCH 2009

Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end-to-end service offerings on the market.

  • Internal Web Application Design & Development
  • Initialization to Project Management




SUPINFO Brussels - Belgium

Brussels and Paris Online. Supinfo helped me refresh my knowledge and acquire the required and up-to-date skills and techniques to engage in the professional world, "wild" and web.



USTL - Université de Sciences et Technologies de Lille - France
2007 - 2010 (3 YEARS)

Specialized in MIAGE - Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion des Entreprises.



USTL - Université de Sciences et Technologies de Lille - France
2004 - 2007 (3 YEARS)

North of France. This is were I studied advanced Mathematics, Physics, Electronics and Information Sciences.


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Great advice lies within this interesting article...

Written by Harvey Deutschendorf - 04.08.14 5:04 AM     View Source

People with high emotional intelligence tend to do better at work. So what habits do they have that set them apart?

It has increasingly become accepted that emotional intelligence is an important factor in our success and happiness, not only at work, but in our relationships and all areas of our lives.
So what sets emotionally intelligent people apart? Here are seven habits that people with high EI have:

1. They Focus on the Positive

While not ignoring the bad news, emotionally intelligent people have made a conscious decision to not spend a lot of time and energy focusing on problems. Rather, they look at what is positive in a situation and look for solutions to a problem. These people focus on what they are able to do and that which is within their control.

2. They surround themselves with positive people

People with a lot of emotional intelligence don’t spend a lot of time listening to complainers and tend to avoid negative people. They are aware negative people are an energy drain and are not willing to let others exhaust their vitality. Because they always look for solutions and the positive in situations, negative people quickly learn to avoid positive people as misery loves company. Emotionally intelligent people spend time with others that are positive and look upon the bright side of life. You can spot these folks as they tend to smile and laugh a great deal and attract other positive people. Their warmth, openness, and caring attitude leads others look upon them as more trustworthy.

3. They are able to set boundaries and be assertive when necessary

Although their friendly, open nature may make them appear as pushovers to some, people with high EI are able to set boundaries and assert themselves when needed. They demonstrate politeness and consideration but stay firm at the same time.

They do not make needless enemies. Their response to situations, in which there may be conflict, is measured, not inflated, and managed appropriately to the situation. They think before speaking and give themselves time to calm down if their emotions appear to become overwhelming. High EI people guard their time and commitments and know when they need to say no.

4. They are forward thinking and willing to let go of the past

People with high EI are too busy thinking of possibilities in the future to spend a lot of time dwelling upon things that didn’t work out in the past. They take the learning from their past failures and apply it to their actions in the future. They never see failure as permanent or a personal reflection of themselves.

5. They look for ways to make life more fun, happy, and interesting

Whether it is in their workplace, at home, or with friends, high EI people know what makes them happy and look for opportunities to expand the enjoyment. They receive pleasure and satisfaction from seeing others happy and fulfilled, and do whatever they can to brighten someone else’s day.

6. They choose how they expend their energy wisely

While these enlightened people are good at moving on from the past when things didn’t work out as expected, they are also able to move on from conflicts involved with others. High EI folks don’t hold on to anger over how others have treated them, rather use the incident to create awareness of how to not let it happen again. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me," is their motto. While they move on and forgive, they don’t forget and are unlikely to be taken advantage of again in the same set of circumstances.

7. Continually learning and growing towards independence

Highly emotionally intelligent people are lifelong learners, constantly growing, evolving, open to new ideas, and always willing to learn from others. Being critical thinkers, they are open to changing their minds if someone presents an idea that is a better fit. While they are open to ideas from others, and continuously gathering new information, they ultimately trust themselves and their own judgment to make the best decision for themselves.

Harvey Deutschendorf